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 Gilda Policastro di nuovo in libreria con 

                      La Distinzione

            l'attesissima raccolta di poesia

"Essere attanagliati dal dolore è una pratica quotidiana per chiunque. Dare parole lievi al dolore è un progetto difficile. E Gilda policastro non solo ci riesce: è questa la sua lingua"

Luca Sossella

A Padri di Giorgia Tribuiani  il contributo per la treaduzione in inglese  dell'  Internationa Pen Club


Administered under and judged alongside the PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants, the PEN Grant for the English Translation of Italian Literature honors a translator for a book-length translation of narrative prose and seeks to promote the publication of Italian literature into English. The winner will receive a $5,000 grant to aid in the project’s completion.

Isabella Corletto’s translation from the Italian of Fathers by Giorgia Tribuiani

From the judges’ citation: Italian literature is famous for its family sagas and familial conflicts, but what Giorgia Tribuiani wrote with Padri (Fathers) is a novel which upends those traditional themes and ideas. Looking exactly how he did on the day he died more than 40 years earlier, Diego Valli appears at his old apartment and is met with his son Oscar, who he left behind as a child and is now well into his 50s. The pathos that Isabella Corletto deftly infuses in her translation forms a lovely counterpoint to the seemingly absurd premise, resulting in a strikingly original text.

Diritti cinematografici

Red Joint acquista l'opzione cinematografica di Milena Q* di Elisa Giobbi.

Kitchen Production acquista  i diritti di riproduzione cinematografica di L'età ridicola di Margherita Giacobino

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